Monday, March 22, 2010

An Historic Moment

Last night, we watched the ugliness of politics work to the People's advantage. No matter on which side you stood, making universal health coverage for every person in our country the law of the land is a powerful message. Legislators had passionate feelings which were expressed in moving (sometimes tense) arguments. And in the end, they did the right thing. That is, 216 of them, all from the same side, voted for what they thought was the right thing.

So it remains to be seen how we will understand what happened; do we believe that the side that didn't vote yes was not interested in being Menschen? Perhaps voting your conscience makes you a mensch too... they thought they did the right thing.

I believe that many of these benefits (the most immediate of which are included below courtesy of the blog, Crooks and Liars) are the work of people who care deeply about others. Perhaps, sometimes, leading by example may also mean waiting to see. At least, I hope that will be true, because these are important changes. I hope that people will come around to see this was good, and what 31 million uninsured Americans also deserve.

But most importantly, let's see if insurance companies will gracefully rise to the level of menschen.

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